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Section A: General Information

Core Content Framework

The ITT Core Content Framework (CCF) is a statutory document which sets out a minimum curriculum entitlement for student teachers. It places a duty on providers of initial teacher training, and their partner schools, to meet this entitlement, as part of a carefully sequenced and coherent curriculum, appropriate for the subject, phase and age range. All LJMU ITT curricula have been designed to incorporate the Core Content Framework in full.

The ITT Core Content Framework has been designed to support development in 5 core areas:

  1. High expectations and managing behaviour
  2. How pupils learn, classroom practice and adaptive teaching
  3. Curriculum
  4. Assessment
  5. Professional behaviours

LJMU Lesson Analysis Forms and Phase review forms reflect these themes. This enables staff across the partnership to monitor and evaluate student teachers' progress against our planned ambitious curriculum, underpinned by the CCF.

All student teachers will be assessed against LJMUs ITE Curriculum with an assessment against the Teachers' Standards made at the end of the programme.

The ITT Core Content Framework sets out two types of content: 'Learn that...' statements in the left-hand column and 'Learn how to...' statements in the right- hand column. The 'Learn how to' statements entitle student teachers to opportunities to learn from expert colleagues and to practise their developing skills, drawing on feedback from, and discussions with mentors and tutors about how to improve.

The full ITT Core Content Framework is available here.

Phases of Training