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Section C

The Mentoring Process & Forms

The LJMU Partnership recognises that school ITT Mentors are fundamental to the quality of the trainees’ learning experiences and to the success of individual trainees and our ITT programmes. Mentoring will evolve, depending on the Phase of training and a trainee’s individual needs, but typically the role develops from one of supervision in Phase 1, to mentoring in Phase 2 and coaching and co-enquiry in Phase 3.

To facilitate the mentoring role there are several key mentoring processes and associated proformas.

Formative Lesson Analysis and Feedback

  • Minimum 2 formal per week (1 formal for SALARIED trainees)
  • Proforma completed by the ITT Mentor/classroom teacher.
  • Lesson Analysis Forms should feed directly into the Weekly Meeting to identify strengths and set targets moving forward.

Weekly Meeting Record

  • Proformas maintained by the trainee teacher on a weekly basis.
  • Weekly Meetings result in previous targets being reviewed and new targets being set.

LJMU ITT Tracker (formative and summative)

  • Document maintained by the Trainee Teacher, used at weekly meetings and phase review points.
  • LJMU ITT Tracker feeds into the Phase Review Forms.

Trainee Timetable

  • An up-to-date timetable should be emailed to Liaison Tutor/Personal Tutor allocated to the trainee teachers placement experience, as appropriate to the Phase, along with the name and contact email of the ITT Mentor (Subject).

Phase Review Forms

Formative Lesson Analysis