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Assessing and Recording-Progress

Making an Assessment of the Teachers’ Standards: Qualified Teacher Status

For all Phases it is critical that the comments made on the Review Forms are used as both formative and summative assessment opportunities which clearly identify the trainee’s progress so that an individual’s needs can be targeted during the placement and for the confirmation of QTS.

Evidence of progress should be maintained by the trainee, agreed by the ITT Mentor and used as an aide memoire at weekly meetings and review points.

At the end of training ITT Mentors are required to make an overall summative assessment of trainee’s attainment based on the evidence presented at triangulation and the following guide:

PASS – has met all Part 1 and Part 2 of the Teachers’ Standards at the minimum expectation or above.

FAIL – has not met aspects of Part 1 and/or Part 2 of the Teachers’ Standards at the minimum expectation.


Taking into account the "reasonable expectation" of trainees, a pass and recommendation for QTS requires that trainees have evidence to support their achievement of each of the Teachers' Standards in accordance with the benchmark expectations in the LJMU ITT Tracker. They must also provide evidence of meeting the Professional expectations required for Part 2 of the Teachers' Standards.


Taking into account the “reasonable expectation” of trainees, if a trainee fails to demonstrate the minimum expectations for EACH of the Teachers' Standards and/or the Professional expectations for Part 2, they cannot be recommended for QTS at the end of their training.

Additional Support Framework and Intervention